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Provide Radio Communications and Related Services for Fire, Law Enforcement, Charities, Civic Organizations, and the General Public
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BBR is, first and foremost, a service organization. So the best way to learn what BBR is all about is to join us at an event. You don't need to know radio-net protocol, jargon ("10-4", "good buddy", ...), or even how to operate a radio. We'll teach you what you need to know (and it isn't jargon!). No license required to help us at one of our events. By joining us, you'll learn:

  • How to use a radio (FRS, GMRS, Amateur),
  • Proper radio protocol,
  • FEMA emergency procedures, and the
  • Federal Incident Command System.

Or, if you do already know all about radios and radio protocol (and maybe even have your amateur radio license), BBR gives you a chance to practice your radio skills while helping out your community.

So, please check out our Event Calendar page to find an event. Then let us know you're coming (Contact). And we'll send you any specific information you need to know (where to park, how to find us, anything you might want to bring, etc).

Of course, we do also have monthly meetings of the Board of Directors, which you are invited to attend. Check out those meetings here.