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Event Analyst

Blackberry REACT participates in many public events each year. This means that we have been part of numerous planning sessions. Each year a lot of the same questions and concerns come up at these meetings which tend to slow things down and/or are often forgotten. To assist in addressing these concerns, we have put this sheet together to help guide everyone through this area faster, to answer questions and smooth out the planning process.

Questions for Walks, Runs, Bike events:

  • □ What consists of a rest stop/check point?
  • □ How many rest stops do you anticipate?
  • □ What rest stop supplies are needed?
  • □ What will the event supply?
  • □ What will the rest stop volunteer supply?
  • □ Will there be first aid supplies at any rest stop?
  • □ How will that rest stop be identified from the others?
  • □ Will there be qualified first aid personnel at this event?
  • □ Will the participants be issued identifying placards or bands?
  • □ What type of course signage will be used?
  • □ When will the course be marked?
  • □ How is the last participant(s) identified?
  • □ What is the policy to close a rest stop?
  • □ What is the event/course time limit?
  • □ How many shuttle vehicles will be available to pick up participants?
  • □ How will shuttle vehicles be tracked and dispatched?
  • □ For bike events, will there be mechanical support (Cell phones or radios)?
Suggestions for Walks, Runs, Bike events
  • □ Provide a large sign, flag or other visable marker at check points. Include with this marker a legible sign or message board that indicates the resources available and how they can be obtained.
  • □ Provide the checkpoint "manager" a badge or arm band that identifies him/her as the contact person.
  • □ If a person requests help at a checkpoint, no matter how trivial, log the time, hame, phone number, organization registration number or other desirable followup information, and where they are going next. If or/when appropriate, this information should be transmitted to the radio Net Control.
  • □ The event staff should provide the following instructions to the run/walk/bike event participants:
    • □ If you come with a group, arrange a meeting place after the event where you will meet if you get separated.
    • □ If you are separated, report to a radio operator on the route, that you are separated from your group and to meet you at a designated location after the event. The radio operator will get your name and details of the meeting and forward it to Net Control.
    • □ The Event Staff should publicize a cell phone number where separated people can report the situation, so that the situation can be tracked. Net Control can coordinate this tracking information.
    • □ Participants should be told that if they have come with others, and leave the course early without the knowledge of the others, that they should report this to a radio operator, Net Control, or the prescribed phone number.
    • □ The Event should make a policy that if participants have not completed the event and the closing time for the event is reached, the participants on the route should either be picked up and taken to the Finish, or notified that they are now on their own. If they have a "number bib" and they choose to remain on the course on their own, that bib should be picked up and the event staff notified of the situation. The name and phone number of participants choosing to remain on the course should be obtained and reported to the event coordinator and net control.
    • □ Participants who are in groups should write the other's bib numbers on their bibs so that "missing" participants can be tracked more easily.

Street Fairs, Festivals, Parades:

  • □ Will extra trash receptacles be required?
  • □ Is there staff to check/empty trash receptacles during the event?
  • □ How is this staff notified or dispatched?
  • □ Is there a central stage or announcing area?

General, Miscellaneous:

  • □ Does the event chairperson have enough personnel to delegate tasks to before and during the event?
  • □ If lunches are provided:
    • □ Who delivers them?
    • □ At what time?
  • □ If portable toilets are used, can the vendor be contacted during the event?
  • □ Are there any power requirements?
  • □ Who is responsible for hookups?
  • □ How can they be contacted during the event?
  • □ Will your staff have radios or phones to communicate with other staff?
  • □ If you will have radios, can you provide Blackberry REACT with one?

Updated October 10, 2006