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In 2010, after Jim Galbreath, Unit 2, became a silent key, Blackberry REACT dedicated an annual award to honor members of our community who had committed their time to volunteering including community and emergency communications, which was beyond what might be normally expected of a volunteer. The Team received several generous donations on behalf of Jim, and those funds have been earmarked for this award.

Jim was a Scout Master for Troop 80 in Mountain View for 41 years and during that time, he became interested in radio communications (he was a radio officer in World War II) and introduced it to his scout troop in the form of CB radios. In 1978, he joined a REACT Team, Blackberry REACT, and served as President for several years. During parades and other functions, Blackberry REACT worked with the police to monitor the crowds and give assistance to those who needed it. Before cell phones were readily available, members monitored emergency radio communications both day and night to assist travelers and others who needed help. Over the years, hundreds of people were helped by Jim and the other Blackberry REACT members. In honor of his commitment to Volunteering, the Community, and Emergency Communications, Jim was posthumously awarded the first "Jim Galbreath Award" in 2010, which continues to be awarded annually to deserving community members.