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Provide Radio Communications and Related Services for Fire, Law Enforcement, Charities, Civic Organizations, and the General Public
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About Blackberry REACT

REACT International, and our local chapter, Blackberry REACT, initially used Citizen Band (CB) radios to provide emergency road assistance to travelers. Now, radio communications has expanded to all kinds of public service communications, including GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), UHF, and HAM radio.

After Katrina, after 9/11, after Super-storm Sandy, and after most every other disaster (including local major emergencies such as the Earthquake of 1989, the East Bay Firestorm in 1991, the Morgan Hill fiber-optic cable cut in 2009, and the San Bruno pipeline explosion in 2010) volunteer communicators have played a vital role in helping first responders and aiding the public. Training and practice made it possible. Blackberry REACT provides organizations with communications services when requested. These volunteer services allow us serve the community, and to train and practice for major emergencies.

Now days, most of our communication is via either Ham radio or GMRS.


Blackberry REACT members volunteer at community events within its service area (Cupertino to Millbrae, from Skyline to the Bay) by providing communications support at:

  1. Civic Parades
  2. Charity Walks & Runs
  3. Charity Bicycle Events
  4. Arts & Crafts Shows
  5. City Events
  6. County Events
  7. Classic Car Shows

Historical Note:
Blackberry REACT was chartered in 1972, long before there were cell-phones. The "Blackberry" in our name comes from a park near our founding president's home; Blackberry Farm in Cupertino. (However, there is no affiliation between the two organizations.)